When installing a wood fired fireplace or oven in residential or a commercial premises there maybe specific regulations to adhere to. Residential and commercial installations can be quite different. Fire safety is the main concern of any installation in or around your property regarding wood fired fireplaces and ovens.

FAQ Authentic Fire

Authentic Fire FAQ   Q: Where do I light my fire? A: Light a small fire in the centre of the fireplace hearth on the steel grate. We often use kindling, bark from our wood or newspaper to do this. Keep adding to the fire as it burns.   Q: What type of wood do…

building a fireplace

DIY Fireplaces

This is a question we have been asked many times, and the answer is YES. You may have limited truck access to your property, or just like having a new project for yourself. Whatever the reason, our DIY fireplace is easy to complete with little knowledge of masonry or building.

Why Buy An Authentic Fire

Our fireplace is about longevity by design and functionality with ambience. We have perfected a unique design which will last in all weather conditions and complement your home for many years to come. From purchase to installation ours will be the simplest of choices. Delivered complete in two pieces and installed in minutes, or in a DIY package.