FAQ Authentic Grill

Authentic Grill FAQ   Q: What is an Authentic Grill? A: An Authentic Grill is a taller version of our standard fireplace, with a stainless steel adjustable grill unit inside it. It is based on the South American style of cooking using fire and hot coals for cooking.   Q: How does it work? A:…

authentic grill

Why Buy An Authentic Grill

Restaurants are embracing the thrill of open flame grilling up front and personal. For ten years we have been manufacturing commercial grade open flame grills along with our pizza ovens. We now have Authentic Grill as a brand and will show you the very best of what we have to offer. New to the market of residential but old hat when it comes to knowledge and experience of quality grill equipment. Built to last and built to perform. And like all of our products they must look the part!


When installing a wood fired fireplace or oven in residential or a commercial premises there maybe specific regulations to adhere to. Residential and commercial installations can be quite different. Fire safety is the main concern of any installation in or around your property regarding wood fired fireplaces and ovens.