Authentic Oven is renowned for exceptional quality & performance

‘Beautiful, quality and the performance’ are words which are often used to describe an Authentic Oven. Meticulously handcrafted with the best materials sourced around the world.

The commercial 900 Authentic Oven is available with either wood only or wood and gas both including platform/base. Four hearth configurations standard, square, round or a corner design. The oven has a 900mm internal cooking surface which is entirely compressed firebrick stone hearth. These bricks are laid into wet aluminate cement so the surface is one item which will heat evenly and stay flat for many years. The surface is then diamond polished perfectly flat. Simply the best hearth in the industry! The dome structure is firebrick stone also with the traditional layered brick design with dome-cap keystone structure. The keystone is made up of refractories and shaped for maximum projection & efficiency. All this material is insulated with 100% ceramic fibre in predetermined density to achieve a well balanced oven. The cladding has layers and layers of meticulously laid fibres and plasters to create the unmatched Authentic Oven look.


  • Complete freestanding oven on stainless steel base / platform. Corner option available also.
  • Multi-fuel – Available in Gas and Wood or Wood only – wood and gas options certified by accredited appliance gas technicians to NZ and AU Standards.
  • Custom high density Alumina (42%) fire brick construction
  • 100% Stone hearth cooking with outstanding heat retention, low heating costs.
  • Larger yield than competitors ovens due to the design and compressed firebrick construction with 100% Ceramic insulation
  • Fully ceramic insulated hearth and dome rated to 1450 DegC Thermal exp
  • Large door entry with stainless steel insulated door and also a quick heating door for gas ovens.
  • Single button easy set and forget operation / Digital temperature display and gauge (Corel)
  • Your choice of cladding colour to suit your decor (You may even choose wall unit look)
  • Seismic fixings for NZ earthquake safety standard
  • Manufacturers guarantee and full support
  • Priced complete ex-factory Tauranga with tools and accessories included in most options
  • Simple installation: 10amp single phase plug & gas connection
  • Low to no maintenance

Printable PDF   Oven900StdComGas