Commercial grill

With open plan commercial kitchens becoming more popular it is essential that your equipment looks the part and has exceptional performance. Our custom commercial grills promise to be both, providing solid, chef proof equipment with our signature flare.

Large slow burning flames and sizzling hot coals will create succulent barbecued meats, sure to bring patrons back time and time again.

Our grills are customised to suit you and your premises, no matter how big or small. Authentic Oven have transformed restaurants and cafes throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific and have a vast knowledge of the commercial premises and its requirements. We have the understanding, commitment, and passion to make your dreams a reality. Why stop at just the grill-Authentic oven, with their design team, state of the art equipment and experience, can transform your kitchen into a visual masterpiece. Wood fired ovens, bread ovens, tandoori ovens, and proving racks are just some of the possibilities.

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Design projects

Authentic Oven new projects and trends

This page is a brief on new products and projects we custom build for commercial restaurants around the world. If you are interested in any of these products please inquire.

From a concept drawing to completed working product we make it happen.

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October 2019

Elmos 151 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby Auckland

Awhile back we received a call from a family who were interested in our commercial wood fired ovens. After a quick visit and a couple of phone calls John his family allowed us to build them an oven we have been wanting to build for several years. “The Authentic Copper Oven” A large powerful multi fueled brick oven clad in heavy copper. Johns eye for detail has made this a build that our guys are very proud of. The installation was challenging to say the least (sequence of events below) The oven had to be unloaded from our truck in the rain at 3.00am on Ponsonby road, lifted through the front window and rotated on its side. We were able to do this by building the oven around a heavy duty steel cradle and structure inside the actual hearth of the oven acting as load pivot points on two large steel pins. 1.7 Ton in total. Then the oven and cradle needed to go down a series of stairs. Machinery Movers helped us out here thanks guys! Then the oven needed to be slid across a temporary steel ramp to its final resting place on its SS frame. The final facade was then installed and done. Elmos ready for business at 151 Ponsonby Road Auckland.






September 2019

September 2019

June 2019



2018 Oct


June 18

Argentine Grill for Chef Monique Fiso.

Monique Fiso is a New Zealand-born chef known for her contribution to the revival of Māori and Polynesian cuisine. Monique came to us with an idea for a custom grill for her new restaurant in Wellington and over some time we developed a refined enclosed indoor solid fuel grill. This grill is unique as the flue system is part of the grill and the whole unit was installed as one piece without the need of an expensive extract hood. From concept drawing to delivery this unit was completed over four weeks.

Parrilla Grill 900 Wall Mount




New to 2017

This open flame grill is designed to have spectacular visual cooking also real function and performance. Adjustable stainless steel grill and also a adjustable hearth which sinks down into the table to create a fire pit with grill.








Robata Grill
Robata Grill2


Teppanyaki & Yakitori Grills. Gas powered or solid fuel. Removable solid grill plates for Teppanyaki and 250mm gap for skewer style Yaki. Custom made to any size with table unit included.


Parrilla Grill By Authentic Oven

Available in many configurations




Shipping Container

Shipping container









Flame grills two open one solid with large heavy duty rotisserie by Authentic Oven. Variable speed control and the capacity for large whole beast cooking up to 250kg.