Oven Platforms

Oven Platforms

Platforms or Bases are the start of any good outdoor wood fired oven.

Our team is able to create a platform to suit your specific needs, depending on your property size. We typically make our platforms using Macrocarpa wood accompanied with food grade tiles for side food prepping areas. We also have stainless steel options available on castor wheels so the oven can be moved around easily. Or if you would prefer you can create your own platform and our oven can simply be delivered to you and put in place.
When deciding on a base or platform for your oven keep in mind table area. You can never have enough food prep area for all those lovely ingredients.
The height of the oven is typically higher then your normal bench height. This is so you don’t keep bending over to see in the oven to check your food. A standard height is 1100mm from the ground to the cooking surface (Hearth).
The options are endless and no job is too big or too small-so if your curious please ask.

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