Residential Ovens

The original oven in our extensive range of cooking equipment. The residential Authentic Oven was where it all began. The heart of what we do. Who would have thought our own DIY project would turn into New Zealand’s top selling wood fired oven. This oven has been tested & modified over and over again, and now truly is a perfected product. Countless hours of research and specifically designed building materials are what makes the Authentic Oven stand out from the rest. Not only does an Authentic Oven look beautiful it will outperform any other pizza oven on the market. Our signature high alumina fire brick oven will retain its heat at very high temperatures for hours on end and will take minimal wood to heat. Layer upon layer of insulation means the Authentic Oven can be 400Deg C on the inside and only 50 DegC on the outside. Incredible. The residential oven is perfectly balanced which means food will cook evenly top and bottom creating ease of use. Don’t forget these ovens are not just for pizza! Delectable roasts, succulent vegetables, incredible deserts and perfect fish are just a few ideas that come to mind. We have successfully transformed over 3000 family homes and batches with this product. A winner in our eyes.
Our residential ovens are available in two sizes and can be purchased with or without a platform. Gas assist options are also available.
Please feel free to ask any questions we are here to help.