Pizza Oven Installation

Your Pizza Oven Installation can be handled by our staff with our Hiab crane truck if local or we can have a trucking company deliver to your door.  Your local Hiab operator can then install your oven. If access is an issue the oven can be rolled into place with a skid lifter, pallet jack or other means. Selecting the correct way is easy, just ask our experienced staff.

Helicopter lifting pizza oven



Selecting the correct place for your oven

Over the past few years we have seen ovens placed in many different positions. Many of the positions have been excellent for ease of use. Firstly, most homes have a prevailing wind which you should be aware of. Secondly, it is handy have the oven as close as possible to the kitchen and seating area, not way out in the garden!.

The oven should face across or into any prevailing wind and not be too close to neighbours windows or living areas. Once the oven is hot there is little to no smoke. Use of the door to assist with adverse wind direction. Note the standard door is only used for retaining heat the oven already has and can be used for roasting if needed. Not used while there is a large open flame. We have more commercial grade doors available for other use.

Remember the oven doubles as a fireplace and is wonderful to sit around once you have finished cooking.

Pizza Oven Installation


A brief on delivery and pizza oven installation

If you choose to have your Pizza Oven Installation delivered by our freight company they will deliver to your door then a Hiab crane is required to lift the oven into its final position. This is normally at a minimum charge of approximately $150-$180 by your local Hiab crane operator. Just ask our friendly staff for advise on installation and delivery of your pizza oven.

If there is no room to have a Hiab crane lift the oven into place there is the option of a lifting trolley or pallet jack trolley. We have one available free of charge for locals or you can hire them from your local hire company. YOUR ACCESS MUST BE AS WIDE AS THE OVEN FOR MANUAL TROLLEY INSTALLATION.

Authentic Ovens are far too heavy to lift by hand, so please don’t try! We can talk you through the Pizza Oven Installation and assist in any way possible. Most installations only take an hour or so. It’s surprisingly easy to install these ovens with the right information so please ask.


Installation document for fire safety.

Installation instructions 1.pdf