Rain Cover 900

$190.00 $175.00

This pizza oven rain cover is designed for the Authentic Oven 900 residential and Commercial models. A lovely final touch to keep that driving rain out. It also provides good airflow to the oven.

Outdoor pizza ovens require some form of protection from the weather. Although your oven is water resistant it will still soak up a certain amount of moisture from the air and also driven rain. This water will make the oven take much longer to heat when wet.

Authentic Ovens have the option of a stainless flue system extension which is easily removed to fit the rain cover in wet weather.


Stainless Steel Pizza Peel 320

$135.00 $129.00

Stainless Steel Pizza Peel 320

Quality commercial grade stainless steel pizza peel tool.

270mm x 1200 x 1.2 (handle SS) Available in any size just ask


Rain Cowl SS

$110.00 $105.00

Slips over the standard flue extension also available from our online shop

Gas Burner


Gas burner for pizza ovens

A manually operated multi-fuel gas burner for your home pizza oven. Available for natural gas or LPG supply.  Quality stainless steel design made in NZ for NZ gases by Authentic Oven


Recipes from the Kiwi Pizza Oven

$49.95 $38.50

Following on from the hugely successful The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven Book, Alan Brown now provides over 50 fantastic pizza oven recipes, all photographed in sumptuous mouth-watering colour by Todd Eyre.


Skewer Holder

$19.95 $15.55

Skewer holder

Laser cut 304 Grade stainless steel design

Locators with correct height for perfect results


Large SS Skewers PAIR

$59.95 $49.95

The all new super long stainless steel skewers. Easy to use long enough for any oven. Match them up with the holder and you have a feast in the making. Great accessory for your pizza oven.

Professional Pizza Peel


Professional pizza peel by Authentic Oven. Quality construction with wooden handle.

Residential or commercial.

Pizza Peels are the most necessary accessory for any pizza oven. This pizza peel has perforations to skim the flour off the base of the pizza before cooking. Reduces over flouring of pizza base.