Infrared Thermometer 500


Infrared thermometer 500C

The best way to find out how hot your oven is on the cooking surface where it counts! Gauges fixed to the oven normally only show the temp of the oven dome and not the hearth where your actually doing your cooking so in effect are giving you the incorrect temperature. This infra-red will show you the correct cooking temp of the hearth instantly.

Stainless Steel Vented Pizza Oven Door


Hand crafted stainless steel pizza oven door with ceramic fibre insulation.  This door is designed to withstand any heat and will not rust or corrode. Originally designed for commercial ovens but is now available for residential pizza ovens. A beautiful final touch to any pizza oven.


Note these doors are made for Authentic Oven ovens specifically. There is no return policy if made for a customers home built oven.

900 Size 584 x 294 x 50mm

750 Size 494 x 246 x 50mm


Butchers String


Authentic butches string 1mm x 100 metres & 3mm x 100 metres.

Spin A300 Foldable BBQ & Rotisseries

Spin A300 Foldable BBQ & Rotisseries


Spin A300 Foldable BBQ & Rotisseries model has been designed with a unique foldable concept to suite outdoors beach, bush and camping goers.